Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Notes Home - January newsletter to youngest/only who do not receive this electronically - notice of public meeting regarding ARC for this area - a note to youngest/only regading dental health screening later this month Parent Signtaure - some students have returned their math test to me with a parent signature. If your child has not, please review their test with them, then initial. In literacy today we talked further about making connections in our reading, listening to a story about a bad day called, "A Difficult Day" by Eugenie Fernandes. It was easy for all of us to think about bad days we have had. In writing we are working on persuasive writing. We listened to the old classic "Little Red Riding Hood". Each student was then assigned a character in the story, and had to come up with reasons why their character was the one most important to the narrative. Groups of Woodsman, Granny, Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf were formed. Each student was given time to justify their inclusion in the narrative. At the end, each group voted for the character thought to be least important to be eliminated, a la Survivor. Poor Granny was voted out a number of times. Here is a link to Fairy Tales, like the story of Red Riding Hood and some nursery rhymes and songs. http://www.dltk-teach.com/rhymes/ In math, after working with decimetres yesterday, we worked with millimetres, centimetres, and metres. Here is a neat site to help with converting: Converting This one helps practice measuring with centimetres (ignore the inches links) Centimetres In Health, we are exploring the foods of other countries. Students were given an assignment where they were asked to interview someone they know that came from another country and ask them about foods specific to their country or culture. Please note, some students may be unable to find a person from another country to interview. In this case, please research another country or culture, perhaps where your family orignally came from before emigrating to Canada. Have a good night.