Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In math, students are asked to have their latest math quiz signed. Reminders for swimming for grade 3s:
  • bring swimmng gear, such as swimsuit and towel
  • bring a snack
  • bring a book to read as we will have some down time

Due to swimming, grade 3 will not be able to order pizza tomorrow. For grade four it is pizza as usual.

Friday is backwards day.

Today grade 3s worked on a poem called "The Ice Cream Taster" to practice for the upcoming EQAO assessment. Check out what we did here.

The Ice Cream Taster

In math, we continue to explore multiplication. Today, it was using the "guess and test" method. Here is a site to practice with younger brothers and sisters.

Teddy Bear.

Play this baseball game using "Multiplication" and "Easy", then after you swing for the fences, challenge yourself with more difficult questions. Opening day is tomorrow, a sure sign of spring!


Have a good night!