Monday, September 12, 2011

Note home - There was a note sent home today indicating that the date for the Welcome BBQ has been changed to Sept. 22nd.

Book Orders - Book order catalogues were sent home today, and are due no later than Tuesday, Sept. 20th.

Home Reading Program - Your child brought home a yellow folder today to log their home reading.  Students have been asked to read for 15 min. each night, even on weekends, with parents being asked to initial when this has been completed. Students record 15 min. per day. For example, if a student read for 15 min tonight, they would complete one entry in their log. If a student read for 1 hour tonight, they would still only complete one entry. Entries are for each day. Once thirty entries are completed, hopefully in thirty days, your child will receive a promotion in our ranking system. The nautically themed ranks are: Powder Monkey - start, Cabin Kid - 30 days, Mate - 60 days, Lieutenant - 90 days, Commander - 120 days, Captain - 150 days, Commodore - 180 days, Admiral - 210 days, Admiral of the Fleet - 240 days, Rear Admiral of the Fleet - 270 days. There is plenty of time before the end of June for all students to achieve the highest rank. Good luck to all. 

Math  -  Today we started exploring place value and expanded form.  Here are some follow up sites:

Cookie Dough Spell the Number

Place Value up to the Hundreds Column

Place Value in Words and Numbers

Virtual Base 10 Blocks up to the 1000s Place

Expanded Form Up to 10 000

Grade Four Quiz

Grade Three Quiz

Have a good night!