Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Note home - for youngest and only, information and order form for the 2010-11 yearbook.

Note home for Grade 3 - field trip permission form for Music Mania on Wed. May 4th.

In math we worked on repeated subtraction/skip counting to do division.  Here are some practice sites and quizzes.

Division and Subtraction

Grade 3 Quiz

Dividing Two Digit Numbers by One Digit

Grade 4 Quiz

New Assignment - we have discussed the oral presentations of poems in our classroom, and the students were given the assignment today.  Here it is:

Poetry Presentation

It is time to share your favourite poem, or poems, with your classmates and teacher. By reciting your poem aloud, with emphasis and actions, you can show why this poem means so much to you. Here is what you will be evaluated on:

• Your entire presentation must be a poem of 15 lines or more. You can do a number of smaller poems as long as there are 15 lines in total
• You must memorize your poem
• You make the reading interesting to your audience, by use of your voice, actions, dressing up, etc.
• You need to hand in a copy of your poem or poems

You can write your own poem, or you can find one by a published author. Shel Silverstein and Dennis Lee are just a couple of the many poets popular with students your age.

You can also check out Kenn Nesbitt’s site, “Poetry 4 Kids”

Ken Nesbitt

Presentations will take place the first week of May. Good luck!

Also, check these out:
Shel Silverstein
Dennis Lee
Have a good night.