Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Note home - Grade fours - please sign and return the permission form for the Watoto African Children's Choir trip, which takes place Tues. Apr. 12 11:30 - 1:30

Used Toy and Book Sale - please send in any unwanted used toys or books for our sale here on Mon. April 18th.  Proceeds go to help the Wolfpack 'keep the wild alive' in our school yard.

Note home - for grade 4s, information on a Healthy Schools survey they will be participating in

Grade 3 - bring your swimming stuff (towl, bathing suit, etc.) for tomorrow (Thurs.)

Pizza - a reminder there will be no pizza or milk for the grade 3's tomorrow (Thurs.)

Spring photos - please fill out and return the form for spring photos

Today in math we worked on relating multiplication facts.  For more info, and a little practice, check this out:

Relating multiplication facts

Have a good night.