Monday, October 18, 2010

Farm Trip Fun

By all accounts, the trip to the Edencrest farm was very good today, even with a few drops of rain. Ask your child to tell you about it, or recount it. Today in math, the 3s and 4s discussed analyzing data to find the mode. Check out this website, which also works on the concept of median which we will learn soon. NOTICE: - due to the Sharon and Bram trip on Thursday, there will be no pizza or milk orders for the grade 3's. Students should plan to bring a lunch on Thursday. The bus is schedled to be back at the school around 1:15, so the 3s should have time to eat what they have packed. For the grade fours, they will order pizza or milk in the classes they are in. Reminders: - record hours of TV watched - read for 15 min. Have a good night.