Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Mania!!!

No doubt, the big event of the day in Grade 3/4 was definitely the pumpkin carving. Mushy hands and funny faces make for a fun time. The pumpkins were donated by a local market, and are being used for a grand pumpkin tower there. Soon you should be able to go and view your child's handiwork. Reminders - any student still completing the writing planner for their recount needs to finish it for tomorrow - grade threes are on a field trip to Sharon and Bram tomorrow, the grade 4s will have a regular day, but spend the first two blocks in another classroom. - grade 3 will not be able to order pizza or milk tomorrow, but grade 4s will -continue to record hours of TV watched, hopefully students have recorded 3 or 4 days by now -read for 15 mn., students should be well on their way to completing their first reading log by now Today, grade three worked on questions from the a previous EQAO math assessment. All grade 3s and 6s in Ontario will write the EQAO assessment in Language and Mathematics in late May or early June of next year. For those interested in finding out more, seeing assessments from previous years (that you can practice at home), or looking at how the assessments are marked, with examples, check out this link: Have a good night!