Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home Reading Program

Before we get to the Home Reading Program, a couple of due dates first: The "I Can't Believe It Happened to Me" recount is due Friday, October 8th. The Allegory of Clearview Meadows art assignment is due Tuesday, October 12th. All students are asked to read for 15 min. each night. As you probably have noticed, your child has been bringing home a blue folder lately to log their home reading. Students have been asked to read for 15 min. each night, even on weekends, with parents being asked to initial when this has been completed. Students record 15 min. per day. For example, if a student read for 15 min tonight, they would complete one entry in their log. If a student read for 1 hour tonight, they would still only complete one entry. Entries are for each day. Once thirty entries are completed, hopefully in thirty days, your child will receive a promotion in our ranking system. The nautically themed ranks are: Powder Monkey - start Cabin Kid - 30 days Mate - 60 days Lieutenant - 90 days Commander - 120 days Captain - 150 days Commodore - 180 days Admiral - 210 days Admiral of the Fleet - 240 days Rear Admiral of the Fleet - 270 days Even with our late start, students should still be able to become Rear Admirals. Good luck to all. Thanks for checking in.