Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh no, not again!!!

This snow thing is really starting to become a habit. Hopefully the sun shines on the weekend and melts it away. Reminder - Monday is pizza day, and book orders are due Thurs. the 11th. Today in math we continued to use the cuisinaire rods (fraction rods) to help us identify a pattern. Here is a quiz on the concepts covered so far: and another review quiz Remember Mastermind? Here is a fun(er) version to play: This is a patterning game that uses music to have make a pattern. In literacy, we started writing a story together on Timmy Jones, who just happens to live on Saturn and has an unfortunate paper cut. Ask your child for more on this!! You may have heard your child talk about doing Reader's Theatre in class. These are plays that students read together and will put on next week. Fun! Progress reports, which have taken the place of the first report card, will go home next Friday, the 12th. The week after will bring student led conferences, so make sure you sign up. The list is in the front hall of the school. Many more reading logs are coming in, we now have 5 Cabin Kids in our class. We are hoping for 15 more! Have a great weekend!