Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reminder - we have started our holiday basket. Our class is putting together a basket for coffee lovers for the Parent Council silent auction. Please remember that it is your choice to give, and it is for a good cause. Reminder - the deadline for bringing parent signatures on math tests is tomorrow (Friday). Reminder - book orders are due Dec. 1st. Grade three are working on Forces in Science. We have discussed pushes, pulls, twists, and explored the concept of friction. Here are a couple of fun sites to play around with the ideas. In math, we continued to work on mental math strategies for adding and subtracting. Here is a fun game, using simple numbers, to mentally add. Note: use the mouse to grab the grey ball at the left of the screen. Click on it and pull it down to change the number to add on. Finally, we have been working on nouns and adjectives lately. Here is a site to help students know the difference between nouns and verbs. In art today, we started working on a portrait. The exercise is based on a painting by Rembrandt van Rijn. Take a look: Have a good night!