Friday, December 10, 2010

Five more days to go!!!!

But who's counting? In our classroom, I think it is everyone. Reminder - Monday is pizza day. Reminder - Wednesday is the Holiday Celebration concert, 1:40 in the afternoon, and 7pm in the evening. Speaking of counting, we are doing quite a lot of it these days. Today, we explored a few mental math strategies to use when subtracting. Students copied down two useful ones today in their notebooks. Here are some sites for practice: This one demonstrates a few strategies at the top. Here's one we had before, this time choose "Inverse Operations" This one looks familiar, it is the one where you repair the slide - only this time with subtraction. Finally, here are a couple of quizzes: Grade Four Grade Three Hmmm, that should keep us busy for the weekend. Speaking of which, have a good one!