Thursday, December 9, 2010

I can't believe it, the sun is shining!. It is hard to fathom that my lawn had no snow on it this time last week. The ski hills will definitely be the place to be this weekend. We had a special visitor today, who helped your child make a handcrafted Christmas card. This parent provided the materials, her time, and her skills. Hopefully, you saw the results when your little Martha Stewart came home. Special thanks to Mrs. G. for donating her time and talents! The next week and a half, provided mother nature cooperates, will look a little like this. We will write a narrative. We will also finish our unit on inferencing. Plus, there will be a math test next week on adding and subtracting. Finally, we hope to finish the portrait we have been working on. Somehow, this will all fit around the concert we are practicing for and putting on next week. This will mean, we can start fresh in January on new topics. Please note, no extra work will be given over the two week break, and hopefully students will have no outstanding projects to finish. As usual, everyone should read for 15 min. a day and enter it in their log. We have worked hard for four months, and it is time for everyone to have some time off to enjoy family, friends, and the snow. Today in math we continued the adding and subtracting unit. The websites I posted on Tuesday should be great for practice. Reminder - tomorrow we have a spirit assembly, so house colours are a must!! Reminder - read for 15 min. every night and enter it in your log. Have a relaxing and shovel-free night!