Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Concert Rescheduled

The concert originally scheduled for tonight (Wed.) has been changed to tomorrow (Thurs.). The times remain the same, 1:45 and 6:30. Our class needs to be on stage at the beginning of the show, so if students could arrive around 6:15, that would leave us time to get ready. Students were given addition and subtraction sheets to work on today, to prepare for tomorrow's math test. The subtraction sheet has some different strategies to use as well. Students may use a calculator at home to check their answers. Please see Monday's post for some helpful websites. Deadline: - published copies of narratives are due Friday. Friday - grade fours are invited to a dance during the last 100 min. Grade 3s are welcome to bring games or activities to do during this time, provided they are appropriate for school. Have a good night. Believe it or not, the snow has to end sometime (this is not a written guarantee!).