Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another sure sign that the school year is down to hours, instead of days and weeks, is the grade 8 graduation ceremony that takes place tonight here at the school starting at 7pm.

Most of the work that students have done has been sent home already, and report cards go home today, so everyone should have a manageable load to take home tomorrow.  However, the binders, pencil cases, indoor shoes, etc. still take up a lot of room, so bringing a plastic bag or two is probably not a bad idea. 

The students have asked to have a party tomorrow.  I will provide the drinks (juice).  Please know that there is NO expectation of snacks or anything else to be brought in.  I, for one, would benefit from fewer snacks in my diet. Students are allowed to bring a movie (G rated only please) to possibly watch and a game they may want to play during the afternoon. 

Have a good night.