Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reminder - with the hot weather, please ensure your child has a refillable water bottle here at school.

Book orders - the last book order of the year is due this Friday.  No worries about the mail strike, the books are delivered by CanPar.

Rockin' Rockets - the Engineering Science Quest from the University of Waterloo gave a number of workshops in the school today.  Grade 3/4 had a blast (hah!) making rockets that they actually got to test out.  

In math, decimals continue to be the order of the day.  Today we worked on decimals larger than one.  


Number Lines (great for practice)

 In Health, we have started studying growth and development.  Today, we discussed how mammals give birth to their young and feed them using their own milk.  We also talked about the characteristics of human babies and toddlers, emphasizing the students' own experiences. I am having a difficult time finding websites for appropriate follow-up. Take some time to talk to your child about what we learned today.

In our staff meeting the other night, we talked about the following little cookbook that focuses on tasty and healthy treats for bake sales. I found more than a few for myself.  It comes from the Nutrition Resource Centre and is funded by the Government of Ontario.   Take a look here:

Bake It Up

Have a good night!