Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today, EQAO continued.  The grade 3s and 6s are halfway home!!

Tomorrow (Friday) - a PD day for the teachers, a long weekend for students.

Book orders - the last book order for the year is due next Friday (the 10th).  I called Scholastic today to find out what would happen if Canada Post was on strike.  Scholastic uses a courier service, so delivery of the order would not be affected.

The grade 4s trudged along on their own today.  In literacy, they worked on their letters to the Principal, trying to persuade her to start summer vacation on June 1st.  I'm not sure how parents would feel about that.

In math, we continued our exercises from yesterday.  See yesterday's post for some website follow up.

During art, we worked on our tessellation projects.  I posted a website in the last week or two to help you make you own at home.  The artist Escher was famous for his versions of this art form.  Here is everything you ever wanted to know about tessellations, and probably a little bit more.


Have a good weekend.