Monday, June 20, 2011

Thursday is our annual Jump Rope for Heart event.  Pledges were due today, so please get them in as quickly as you can. 

In math, we started working on subtracting decimals to the tenths column on Friday, and continued today.  Here are some follow up sites.


Subtracting Decimals

In English, we are looking at identifying the author's opinion when reading.  Today, we talked about an article about Watson, the computer that played human opponents on Jeopardy! a few months ago.  Students offered their ideas about whether we should develop computers that "think".  What do you think??  We also have been writing about what we would put in a time capsule that, 50 years from now, would let people know what life was like in 2011.  What would you put in?

In Health, growth and development is our topic, with the grade 3s learning about the reproductive process.

Have a good night.